Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Dear New Hampshire

To my friends eligible to vote in #NewHampshire today as well as my friends across the #USA, I want to explain why I still support Bernie Sanders for president and have for a long time. #BernieSanders is the only candidate running for #POTUS with plans that will benefit all of us as a nation. Conservatives, liberals, rich, poor, black, white, women, men, everyone. All of #America stands to gain from a Sanders presidency. And our standing in the world will rise considerably.

Here is my layman's analysis of your choices today:

Hillary Clinton: status quo, friend of Wall Street, nothing of change though, not where it counts. She is a terribly divisive and unlikeable character (not really her fault) and no one on the other side wants to work with her. Nothing will get done. I am a feminist. I would love to see a woman lead our nation. If Hillary gets the nomination, I will most likely support her. She is a foreign policy wizard and respected all over the globe.

Bernie Sanders: honest (if a bit whiny), lifelong public servant (mayor, senate, candidate), works well with both parties, has never once waivered from core beliefs and those beliefs have universally been shown to help nations and in the analysis below would being ours to a place we have only dreamt of. His domestic policy is quite literally second to none.

Donald Trump: besides being a complete egomaniacal asshole devoid of substance, he has already done America measurable damage around the world and at home. Trust me, I travel often to other countries and field questions about that guy. He cares nothing about you or your family, ONLY of money, greed, and his own self-image. He is the very definition of a terrible human being.

Ted Cruz: apparently a smart and well educated man, but exemplifies everything that is wrong with the conservative movement. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the ideals of America. Conservatives claim to be Christian... So help the poor as Jesus would or as Bernie Sanders will. House the homeless, feed the poor, and take care of our health. Conservatives also claim to want small government. This is a compete lie. They want HUGE government when it comes to discriminating against certain types of Americans or attacking foreign nations. They speak of Sha'ria law coming to America. Yet it is already here in the form of their Christian conservative movement. It doesn't belong here. No more than Al Qaeda or Isis does.

Marco Rubio: I almost cringe to include him here. But I feel it is important. He is a very dangerous figure. He speaks very well and with passion. He is extremely handsome (compared to the other candidates). His youthful exuberance hides the fact that although he sounds intelligent, he isn't. He is a xenophobic idealogue which should be cured by looking in the mirror. But it isn't. He would be absolute misery for our country.

So there you have it. My take on things. I never know if people think I am brilliant, insane, a complete moron, or some combination of the three. But I lived with our military in the desert for a while. I travel all over the world. I would like to think I bring an educated perspective to these matters.

If you, the people of America can get past all the liberal democrats telling you: hey, Bernie did a good job but it's time to get serious and support Hillary; and if you truly look at the man's record and read his policy papers for a Sanders presidency, I am confident you will come to the same conclusion I have. If you are willing to be honest with yourselves, both republicans and democrats should be supporting Bernie Sanders for President of these United States.

US citizen Russell Wolff

PS He's a funny guy.


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