Saturday, January 28, 2017

You are the destroyer of worlds.

I am sickened. I cannot and will not remain silent.

To all those people who supported this monster, this Hitler, this destroyer of worlds... To all those who said: 'he is just saying these crazy things to get elected', 'he doesn't even mean what he says', or 'he won't actually do any of these things'...

To those who proudly ignored us while the SANE people begged you and pleaded with you to support Hillary Clinton, the most qualified presidential candidate in history, and to do so for the good of our world...


YOU bear responsibility. YOU have blood on your hands and should never sleep another peaceful night on this earth. YOU have condemned innocent human beings to torture, rape, and death. YOU have no moral compass. YOU are Donald Trump and YOU are everything he stands for. YOU are the bigot, the racist, the homophobe, the misogynist, the antisemite, the white nationalist, the Nazi, the anti-American policy maker, the tax evader, the rapist, the hater of
Muslims, the killer of women and children.

When the final bomb falls and the dust of a thousand years settles, it will have been YOU that caused all of this...

YOU are the destroyer of worlds.

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