Monday, October 30, 2017

Spacey and Weinstein and Cosby, Oh My!

For anyone wondering, the answer is no. 

I take no pleasure in posting all the personal things I have been posting recently. But I feel compelled to. This has been a very difficult time and a huge distraction from what I believe to be my life's work. However, this mountain is in my direct path. It could no longer be ignored. It made itself very clear. 

This is the sort of shit that keeps you awake at night... for decades. It provides a lifetime's worth of nightmares, night terrors, panic attacks, depression, guilt and shame. 

And even now, as I scream out to the world about my experiences, I am left with this: Will anyone believe me? They'll just deny it. They'll just discredit me. Maybe they'll sue me. What if I was the only kid they did this to? What if they make it impossible for me to get work in the entertainment industry again?

I don't want to be dealing with ANY of this. I really don't. It's fucking miserable and I assume others are having a similar experience. There is no great relief or satisfaction to any of it. While I believe it is important to speak out, the experience of doing so comes at a great personal toll. The past month has been brutal and exhausting. 

So if you happen to know someone else going through this, please understand we might not be running at full capacity. We might have a shorter fuse than normal. We might be more irritable. We haven't been sleeping. Our reserves are spent. And simple tasks can feel like the impossible somedays. Take it easy on us. Check in and say hi. We appreciate it. We really do. 

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