Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Jerusalem is not 2017

No. Jerusalem, the rightful capital of the Jews in the center of the homeland is much older than that. More on that later. But as Trump fulfills promise after horrible promise, we awake today to his worst yet. Here was my unapologetic tweet regarding that:

And the text: I was just saying how there’s not enough violence against #Jews in the world #fuckyou @realdonaldtrump #scumbag #racist #antisemitic #shitstain on humanity #USA #israel #Jerusalem Move unnecessary - starting more #war in #middleeast

A friend for whom I have a ton of respect asked me in response: why is this move a bad thing?

Here was my best answer, because Jerusalem is older than this president, older than this country, older than Christianity... Jerusalem is not 2017. Jerusalem is 5778 and will be here long after we become dust and bones. 

“And nuance is just the thing here. Jerusalem is the capital city of my homeland. I know that. My people know that. The millions of people who want us dead ALSO know that. 

But those ‘enemies’ who we are made to think are the ‘Palestinian people’ are at such a disadvantage in this situation. From birth they are told a damaging antisemitic story/series of lies. It is in their textbooks. The ones funded by the UN. They are taught that my people are vermin, Dogs, villains who stole their land and must be killed off. 

So from THERE, we try to gain peace, agreement, and understanding with people who are indoctrinated to kill us. 

It is messy as fuck.  And while certain things are right and wrong, some things are harmful and unnecessary. Such as: A. The settlements. B. Demolishing Arab homes. C. Official declaration of something already understood in that region, that Jerusalem is the capital of the Jewish state. 

It spits in the face of the peace process and does nothing but throw salt into the ever-fresh wounds of people who are taught (brainwashed) by terrorists to believe alternative facts.”

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