Saturday, November 14, 2015

My friends in Paris

My friends in Paris are finally accounted for. So many others are not. There are people I know in that list of souls even if I couldn't remember names. One friend, Maya Thomas, was in fact asleep and learned of the tragedy in the morning. I wish she kept her phone on!!! Here was my reaction learning Maya was ok: Fucking hell that is a relief. My love to her and to all of Paris. To friends and family. I feel more determined than ever now to return to your city. To play guitar on the bridge next to the Cathedral of Notre Dame. To perform again at Chair De Poule. I will try and get back to sleep now. Thank you for the update! 
Attached is one of the happiest moments of my life, playing in Paris around the corner from the massacres in a small club called Chair De Poule. I remember the drummer being a fan of heavier rock. The guys didn't speak English and I didn't speak French. But music is a universal language. I met them 10 minutes before we went onstage. If you recognize these guys, please let me know if they are ok! Theo Olivier might. I think Rachel Lynn Sebastianwas singing backup though tough to hear in the video. It was all adrenaline, friends, and plenty of French wine that night! 

There was another singer with us that night from SF living in Paris but I cannot find her info.

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