Thursday, November 19, 2015

Paranoid Xenophobic Bigoted Racism

A Jewish friend of mine just posted something about not accepting refugees because she was certain there were terrorists among them. (This of course has been the rallying cry of the Christian conservatives all week) I called her out immediately for being a paranoid xenophobic bigoted racist.

It's the 4 word combination that is truly needed to encapsulate what is going on right now in this country. It's not at all about security. It's about fear, ignorance, and hatred of those who are 'different'. This is the shit that leads up to genocide! But good luck wiping out those 1.5 billion Muslims you hate. Maybe haters should just go back to killing Jews. My people were a much smaller and easier target. And we had to suffer this same xenophobic bullshit from America during WWII when we were fleeing the Nazis. In fact (and you can google this) America turned one of the ships full of Jewish refugees back to Europe and many of those refugees went straight to the concentration camps to be exterminated by Hitler, so thanks America for that move!

If you are an American who is more worried about the 'potential' for terrorism arriving in the form of helping Syrian refugees than you are worried about the millions of armed angry white conservative right-wing Christian male terrorists ALREADY HERE KILLING who cling to a radical ideology no better or worse than that of ISIS and have been desperately working towards instituting a Christian brand of Sharia law, the self-righteous murderers who slaughter tens of thousands of innocent American men, women, and children every single year in terrorist attacks that are well-funded and directly sponsored by the NRA and the GOP... Well you are the problem, not the Syrian refugees. And shame on you and your radical ideology for making my home country one of the least safe I spend time in.

Chew on that, America.

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